Pokemon Gen 1: Remake?


it’s fine on an iPad Air 2

I have an iPad Air 2 as well & it usually crashes before the 2nd fight is over. Are you on iOS 11?


I’m on IOS 10.


Can you look at this new version when your ready?

I’m confused, can you explain it more please @The_Crafty_Painter?


That’s unfortunate. MR.GAM3R spent a long time trying to fix it…

Maybe find an older link I sent MR.GAM3R to edit and contrast to see if there is a difference in crash rate. I am also using an iPad Air 2 and I am not experiencing any crashes unless I use venasuar which has an extra 3 clones than the others. I am not sure why, but I do have iOS 10 here with an extra 100 GB on my iPad.

Like what crafty painter said, are you experiencing bugs as such?
Thank you so much for your help on this project, I really appreciate it. It brings back good memories of when we were constructing Jedi adventures. Thanks.


@MR.GAM3R how is all this going for you?


I thought I’d look through the code and try to figure out why it’s still crashing on my iPad.

What are the different scenes? Could you list the scenes with their numbers?

For example, the Dirt Text has this with Scene 4, but I don’t know what scene 4 is.

Note: this is a good example of code that works but should be avoided when you’re trying to optimize performance. One or the other of these 2 rules is always running. It would be better to change the visibility only when needed.

I’ve found all but scenes 2 & 3

0 - start screen
1 - choose your Pokémon
2 -
3 -
4 - walking scene
5 - battle scene
6 - buy potion
7 - game over
8 - tutorial #1
9 - tutorial #2


A couple gameplay thoughts:

  • Using a potion only adds a few HP (the number increases by more momentarily but immediately drops to just a few more than before the potion was used)
    I now see this isn’t a bug because the wild Pokémon attacks again after you restore. Perhaps the potion needs to restore more points as it seems relatively ineffective as is
  • The status text only momentarily flashes the attack that the wild Pokémon used.
    Maybe should just display a little longer


Are type advantages/disadvantages in?


I removed 2 and 3 because I was going to have more modes in my game but I couldn’t.

That’s odd, it appears until it’s over for me.

I have so much running code that it’s hard to fix this.

Anyways these bugs are quite minor, probably unnoticeable by young hops, do. you think it’s worthwhile creating a version 2? (I definitely would if I knew how to reduce the crash rate)


No. That would be to hard for me.


@BlastFusion you want to do a Collab or something?


Hmmm, I don’t exactly like collabs, but I’ll see.


Ok if you want to do opine with me just tag me😄


Shouldn’t everything go away when you lose?


I was helping @BlastFusion make this change, but didn’t get to doing all the objects. It seemed to have helped a bit.


Yes. The game Over screen comes. It came for me.


Hopscotch Curators or whoever features seems to have a problem with me or my project (I don’t know why) so maybe there is time to create a 2.0 with slight improvements such as less crashes, smooth play, & simplification.

You suggested cleaning it up and clearing some supposing bugs you encountered, could we continue with this, whenever you feel to. I can assist in bugs, but I’ve no clue with the crashing …

Happy coding & Merry Christmas :slightly_smiling_face:


Maybe adding the character flipping…maybe even buildings in it :o
Sorry the flipping thing just seems so easy and I don’t know why you couldn’t add it. I even made the code. Let me get it…


Here is a project I made awhile ago, check the gorilla’s code. The code is really basic and this was the time when I made 10 variables when I only needed one so it might seem jumbled up.

Basically the way it works is that when the an arrow is tapped(in this case the right arrow) it checks the variable. The variable is determined on the last arrow that was tapped. At the beginning of the game the variable is at zero and if the right arrow is trapped it stays at zero, but when the left is tapped, then it changes to one. The variable also then determines which direction the Gorilla is facing, before it starts moving.


I sorta forgot and couldn’t be bothered with the flipping, but if I make a 2.0 I will add it in!

But… @hopscotch-curators, I see that it’s not being featured… I did a poll and the votes were extremely positive. I’m just curious, but is there a problem with Pokemon Red & blue? What is the reason why it isn’t getting featured?

I would’ve thought its featured worthy…