Pokemon Gen 1: Remake?


Hey I logged in my other account and I can’t see the project? What do I do?


Ummm I think red should flip when he is walking in the other direction. Because it looks weird when he walks backwards


I deleted the filter block yet the project still stays in the filter…


Are there any other blocked words/emojis?


No. it must have glitched out. Should I contact awesomeonion?


I remixed it and it doesn’t work either.


I will contact the hopscotch team.


Is the word ‘kill’ a bad word?


No. I just tried a test and it’s fine.

Did you delete the object with the filter block? Objects don’t delete properly. It’s still in the JSON file. I will remove it and send you the link so you can publish it.


I just opened a topic because this might happen to others.


Use the remix bug to remove the tag


What’s the remix bug?


Open the project a few times, publish, then unpublish it. The tag will go away.


Does it appear in newest and my profile and #games @MR.GAM3R?


Yep. It worked!


Great. I’ll put that in noms for featured. Thanks!


Oh so now I know why when I put the link in the forum it didn’t show the picture it just had a code. That makes sense.


Continuing to play when it says game over will infinitely loop in finding pokemon, as soon as it is defeated another one appears instantly.


It still crashes when I play it. @Blastfusion FYI


I just realised it’s a glitch that I WAS still playing it when I got the game over screen, welp, at least I’m not crashing, it’s fine on an iPad Air 2.