Pokemon Gen 1: Remake?


Beforrrrre there’s any fame wars the “game changer” part on the title is only their because it’s tradition for the One Year Anniversarry of my big game!

Remember Jedi Adventures 2016?? Well, this year it’s

Pokemon Gen 1!

I’ve had the idea for a long time now, but the actual REAL work is coming now. Firstly:

  • There will be 2 modes: 2D landscape. You have 1 Pokemon and must catch and kill as many as possible, until yours faints.
  • Birds-eye-view of the safari zone. In 60 seconds you must catch as much as possible.

Around how many Pokemon should there be in the game? (remember that I have to pixelate all of them)

  • 5-10
  • 10-15
  • 15-20
  • 20-50 (This will seriously take forever)

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This will be my ultimate project of 2017, and one thing: if anyone knows a quick way of pixel texting - let me know please.

I will be asking for helpers if there is any code that I’m unsure of, and that’s all.
(Will post a photo soon)

This will be an active topic and similar to last year. (@OMTL)
@POMTL, please vote again


I am super excited! The quickest way to make the pixel Pokémon would probably be to just use emojis, but that might also make the game a little less advanced (maybe).


I love Pokémon, and I was wondering if I could test later. Thanks!


Go big or go home is what I say.


This sounds like it is going to be AWESOME! Are you going to be using Self?


Yup I have to! Without it I wouldn’t know how to “detour”

Did you test my last years game? Or was it earlier this year you helped.


No, I don’t think so. But I will be happy to help testing this year if you need.


I sorta wish I knew how to code dynamical but rail art (moving) and it goes out the screen and back in from the opposite end…


Yep, I will need some testers, mega absol :stuck_out_tongue:


I did a Pokemon centre by emoji’s - what do you guys think?


Wow that’s awesome. The background also looks so good!

Also once you are ready for Pokémon, and after you have made 1, I think I will be ready to help you :slight_smile: Just show me how you make them, so I when I make them it looks similar to yours. :slight_smile:


I’d just use a variable for the x position.


So it’s emojis, right?
I like using trail art, it makes it look better to me, but this is my opinion, it still looks awesome!


I don’t exactly like using emojis, but using pixel texts would be far too hard. Thanks by the way!


Why is it named Pokemon Gen 1?
Gen 1 is a name for Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green.


Because there will only be gen 1 Pokemon (I think) and the gen 1 character.


I’m fine unless you make it one of those Pokemon hacked versions


:wink: you’re welcome, I had to shout my opinion!


I was really busy and didn’t get any progress done for a month, so instead I posted a bunch of small projects.

So… I believe that I will either have to do:
A) Might do. that 1 week subscribe to quickly insert Pokemon pictures
B) Can only do a certain amount of Pokemon (like 8:( )
C) Might have to do one section of the game.
D) Think of a new game to make unfortunately.

One reason due to this is that (yes, busy) but I discovered that pixel texts were faulty and were not working. So I’m kinda annoyed and don’t know how to approach the situation safely and being able to post before December 25.

Last year Jedi adventures took 6 weeks to make but I was an inexperienced coder … this year I can try speeding it up a little.

Now, which option was best:

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

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I believe ‘a’ maybe be best, because you still have the images you inserted later