Pokémon Drawing Challenge


Ok, so I am always full of BIG IDEAS. I've started over 20 companies in my lifetime, and 12 are still going on. So, when Pokemon Go came out I was all like- POKEMON DRAW POKEMON DRAW POKEMON DRAW so then, I came up with this FAB new idea-Pokemon drawings!
This is a challenge where YOU (yes you people) will draw YOUR fav Pokemon! This competition is not only for peeps with SKILLZ but for people who LOVE POKEMON (and apples.)
Oh, and it doesn't matter on what you draw on. And to make this even better, you can try to CODE your fave Pokemon! So have fun with this! Here are some examples of mine:




This is cool!


Tank u


Did you look at ref? :0
Those look so similar to the actual Pokemon XD



Ye. I used the internet for the eyes, pose, and color. So ya, pretty much.


Dis is awsum fren! But, I dun really see how it's HS related :0

Did I miss something?


I'm not being honest to my ninja self.


U can code the characters or draw them


Oh my gosh XD

I always miss these things and then I say something to help and I end up being the on that needs help ಠ_ಠ

Go me