Pokeclub! [6 Spots Left] [Co Selected Sorry]



Hi! It's a Me, Pokemon101! I'm Starting A New Club Called Pokeclub. You Can Join, But There Is Some Requirements:

● Been On Hopscotch For 4 Months
● One Project In Trending (But Rising And Featured Works Too)
● Must Have Emojis
And That's It! Challenges Will Be Published By Co And Me. (Host)
The User List Is Down Below.

Name: Forum Picture:
Co: @Timelord007

4. @PressA2Equip


Hi! Can i join? I have gotten maybe 1 or 2 projects in Rising and I have been hopscotchin since September. That is about 4 months right?


Okay! In Fact, Since Your The First To Reply, Do You Wana Be Co, @Timelord007?


I would join but I don't have any projects on featured, rising,nor trending


You don't have to add me, I'm just saying you're not completely ignored


Because I noticed you, and I'm pretty sure lots of other people did to.


No, @Lightningstrike. But You Can Always Get Inspiration From Projects That Got Into Featured! (I Also Got One Into Featured So Go Check That Out)


Ok! Thx Pokemon101:smiley:


I would like to join and have done all the requirements. Can I be the one please?


Okay, @RobotPro! You're In!






I'm beautiful :slightly_smiling: especially with my light sabre :grinning:


Agree. :slightly_smiling:


People That Would Be Perfect For Pokeclub



I haven't been on trending... wait... (checks) yeah nope. still nope.


Sorry, I'm already in a lot of clubs! :grimacing:


Yeah me too, sorry!


thx for putting meh up there tho! (yeah I'm w/ the semi famous!(and @AHappyCoder ur famous but majority is semi famous)


May i join please thaks