POKE A MANGO! Gameplay + Feedback


I know the game probably seems like one of those newbie games, but IT'S NOT! :0
How to Play:
Poke the mango! The first time, you have to tap the bottom. Make sure you poke THE MANGO! Not a pumpkin or a moon, or a cookie or a banana. It has to be a Mango. :0
Objective: Poke the Mango as many times as you can.
Tips or Strategy: Try tapping really fast! Or, go really slowly. You never know when it's going to change! :D
Disclaimer: This game has totally nothing to do with Pokemon Go. In fact, this game is probably better.
FAQ: Why are the graphics so bad?
Answer to FAQ: Because they are. Thank you.

You can also give Feedback. I know the graphics are really bad, but I was rushing. I've posted the game on Hopscotch! I don't have a link with me right now.


The link is- http://c.gethopscotch.com/p/ybzelcvec
Don't play it on the browser, because it won't let you poke the mango for some weird reason...


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I think the forum is glitching with the like count.


It lags sometimes
The title doesn't disappear


Wow! This is such a creative idea!! It's fun and addicting! I love it!! <3


On the browser or on Hopscotch? I know on the browser it doesn't work.


On Hopscotch


That's odd...it works for me all the time! :frowning:
@Madi_Hopscotch_, does this glitch happen with you too?


It works for me too!
BTW its so awesome I had to nominate it for featured :stuck_out_tongue:


That is such a hilarious name, I love it! Something that I would've thought of XD


It's quite easy. There's a pattern.


Ohhhh now I understand XD

Poke a mango
Pokémon go



Really? It's set to random, honestly! :D


Yeah, a bunch of kids call Pokemon Go "Poke a Mango" so one day, some guy on the App Store made it, and I made it in Hopscotch!