Pointless Song Contest! Status: No more people sry



it's a very electric color,
big and bright,
the color of some grapes,
and the leafs on a tree
it's the best and the great,


I think I got enough e


It's a type of aqua,
It's a type of violet
with a bit of neon
with a bit of grey
mix em' all together
and you get


5 hours is up!

I'm sorry to @Hermione and @Stradyvarious
@Hermione you did a song about tacos but the objective was tacoCATS
@Stradyvarious you never entered

next challenge in 20 min

Get ready guys!


Next challenge!!

Make a song about a hot dog getting a haircut

You have until tomorrow at 5:00 EST time. Good luck!


Bump bump bump
Cut off the bread
Bump bump bump
Cut off its head
Bump bump bump
Use scissors to cut a hot dog's hair!
Cut cut cut a hot dog cut cut cut no harm
Went to chase a Phoenix bird
She turned and turned until I heard the sound of a hot dog
They make no sounds, no sounds
I turned and saw a haircut place
I went inside and saw a hot dog getting a hair cut! P

Lol I'm ssooooo bad at making songs.

HELP! Can't enter topic!

Hot dog, getting a haircut.
Hot dog, getting a haircut.
Hot dog, getting a haircut.....

Here is my story,
I'm not looking for glory,
I walked out of my house,
Looking for my little pet mouse.

I turn the corner, what do I see?
A big hot dog, looking at me!
He looked kinda scared, and he started to run,
I thought I would chase him, it might be fun!

He walked into a building I had seen before,
He walked right in the open door.
I chased him inside,
He was getting his hair cut, then washed and dried!


I'm a fastfood,
I'm going to barber,
To cut off some bread,
I take the bus,
There is no rush,
And I'm like any hotdog
Who is getting a haircut!



Does not mean you might not be eliminated

Not Qualified

No submission



It's a hot dog
In a barbershop
Getting a trim
So that he'll stay slim!

Shavings on the ground
Meat all around
What's he gonna do
When he runs out of food?

The last sliver falls
The great dog stalls
A look in the mirror reveals
He can't be used for meals..


I live in a diiferent time zone in Australia. I won't play if you expect songs this quick. You have to leave me out. I'm dissapointed.


Ok but it's midnight here what should I do ?


I'm sorry! :disappointed_relieved: If indontge challenge again I will give more time


next challenge!

I'm sry to @OrangeScent1 you are eliminated. I gave you 3 days to do it.
Make a song about a grammar book going In a shredder!


But I was trapped, I couldn't get to this topic, please forgive me! (im in now because if my idea, on mobile use mobile mide, I know it's crazy but it might judt work!)


Grammer book shredded like hay
And the lucky day is today
To be cool I lie.....
The grammer book is cut
So on a cruise, I snooze
The grammer book is dead
In it is my pencil lead


I guess since it was a glitch I will let you


I'll share some pancakes
What x, y z corindetdS are your head
So I may giveyou breakfast in bed
When it's not the correct tine zone
(sirry is it a noun?)


theres a book
its about...
somethhing startin with G
Grammer, Book,
goin in the shredder!


The pages slip through
As the knives slice
I shove more paper too
While the blades dice

The grammar goes in
Until there's nothing left
Then I throw it in the bin
And I feel the best

Short song this time!