Pointless Song Contest! Status: No more people sry



Hey guys! I'm making a pointless song contest! Basically all you have to do is make a pointless song! For example:

Heyo, can I get some mayo
Can I guess some cheese, extra lettuce and tomato
(If sung in the right tune it's really catchy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

I'll take 5 (or more) people to join. The only requirement is to make it rhyme! There will be different rounds and I'll give a topic on what the song will be about. Each round a person will be eliminated. Good luck!
Winner gets a follow, 20 likes, and a shoutout!
Members joined:


:sob::sob::sob::sob: Nobody is asking to bet in it.....


I'll join! I'm great at writing songs!
Hot dogs with peanut butter, lovers of it.
Never seen a mad man without ketchup.
I hate guns and knives that kill,
Please give me some sympathy if you will.
I hate mustard and I love cheese.
Ice cream's awesome and my mom is a vegan
So why should I care about meaty concussions.

Your loooove. Magical powers. Edible cakes. Basilisk snakes.
Green bows. Cat clothes. Now comes, the best paaaaaaart!
(This random guy raps)
Bettin' this lottery ticket be happenin' $900,000,000, almost a billion bucks. My babe.


Niccceeee one player


Could I plz play
Or else by teeth may decay
Or maybe I could watch
Eating ice-cream or butterscotch
Could, could, could I be in
If, if, if you do that, it would mean everythiing

Could I maybe just be in?


YAS 2 Players!!! Whoop whoop


(PS: I dislike eating hay)


I think you mean HAY.


Yay! We got 2 players!
We could be called yayers!
For saying yay!
Or hating hay!
We got 2 players!
And we all hate hay!


Can I write a song for this game as well?


So you would like to join!!! If so Yes!


Yes I'd like to join. I enjoy writing allot.


Remember to make it HS related!


Yay you have officially joined! 2 more people!


It is because the prizes are hopscotch


Thanks for that.
Do you think later a contest to make a tune for the song on hopscotch.
Like a
Karaoke video project


Looks like we have many members
I wonder if any are helicopter landers?


We got 3 people
To play a game
It can tame...
Your hamburger lunch!!!
What will be for brunch...
Nobody knows!
It will have a crunch...
So JOIN Now!
(If you sing in wrong tune it's really stupid)


Can you explain better?


On da first song of them all I sing to thee
What are gum-tr-ees

On da last song of da all I sing to ye
Wanna have a cuppa tea
And share it with a gum-tr-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee