Pointless messages


Lots of people have been going to old topics and writing random stuff like "k". It's ok if you go back to the topic for a GOOD reason, but people have just been spammin.g. Tell what you think in the poll.

  • I think it should stop
  • eh I don't mind
  • keep it going people!!



This does bring up a valid point-

If you aren't going to contribute, don't reply with "k". If you are going back to the topic for a good reason, then go right ahead :wink:


@DancingLollipop make a good point. It's sort of annoying because
. It might look cool but it's too late to do it
. When people keep doing it you can't see new posts


I feel guilty of doing that now


Well we all learn from our mistakes!


25 days later @Follow4LikesOfficial does it a lot XD