Point towards touch location



Hi, I think this is where I’m supposed to put my stuff. Okay, so, I want to know how to make stuff point to wherever someone touched something. For example, I want to make a heart point towards my touch location. Does anyone know how to do that? Thanks.


This code isn’t made by me, but it seems like you are free to use it in your project:


That’s an interesting project, but overly complicated. The simplest method, using inverse tangent, needs only one Check If & 2 Set Angle blocks.

This post shows & explains the code:

In the linked code, the hand is points towards the dot. Just replace the dot object x & y positions with Last Touch x & y positions…

Edit: Also, to make a heart “point” (I assume you want the bottom pointing towards the touched spot), Add 90 to the calculated angle


I remember one day at school I was thinking about a point to block, and then I was like, wait, I could use arctan! So I did it, but as soon as I was done, I thought, “someone else probably already did this”, so I looked up “point towards using arctan”, and there was your project!


That project is more than one year old, so I don’t know if inverse tangent was around at that time (or at least not used that much). Your method is obviously better and I was about to search for one of your codes on the forum and/or on the app.


It’s really impressive that Hops figured out how to create point towards code before tangent was available!


Yes, indeed. If I’m not wrong, @MagmaPOP did the same thing when tangent wasn’t around. I looked for the project on Hopscotch, but I couldn’t find it, unfortunately.


Hmmm. Idk. Maybe trigger something with x and y? Obviously, it’s a lot easier to do on Tynker.


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