Point System Announcements!



This will be the topic for announcements. I have several to say, so tune in!
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So this is for announcements? I'm crating more shows of Good Morning Hopscotch this weekend! -Sprouse


Announcement 1:

Please don't ask to join! If you are a regular and you have the badge as a title, you're in automatically! If you are a member or basic, sorry :grin:. It's going to take so many people to manage like 1k peeps.


Announcement 2: Please do not put this in the lounge

I want members and basics to see this, so that they can have a sense of what to do to,achieve regular, and become a trusted user.


Announcement 3: New Point-Giver!

@Gilbert189 is another "staff" of the ps! (Point system) he will give out points as well now! Sorry, we're not accepting any more staff members at the moment.


Sorry for the delay, I forgot about this XD