👉🏽 You guys will like this! 😃



Hey guys,


@lollypopcorn (I think you will like this. It will help sort out the clutter)

Let’s get straight to the point

Alright, I think that people would really like this plugin on the forum.

It would make it so that we could replace GTs. Like, instead of people cluttering the forum with topics that are not related to Hopscotch. This would really help the forum get back on topic!

  • Amazing idea!
  • Good idea
  • I like it, but… (but what? reply with your but)
  • I don’t care…
  • I don’t like it (Tell me why)

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what about the coding general topics?

what about multiple people and people we don’t know/are new?

what about using it for collabs?


Idk it probably wouldent work well. You could say stuff with less repercussions. It would be nice but i dont think thie ie the place for it


Coding GTs would be moved there naturally because people are still chatting.


also i like individual topics so we aren’t confused with conversations


Why wouldn’t this be the place for it?


People are able to make their own chat rooms. Each chatroom could be someone’s GT.


about hopscotch, coding is related


I know, but people would be chatting…


i’m sorry but i’d leave for reddit if this happened


Wait, why? Wouldn’t you stay for the community here?


because i’d grow disinterested in such a thing


No you wouldn’t, you would quickly get used to it.

  1. don’t have hopscotch
  2. sidebar looks too small


@Petrichor why don’t you like it?


I think you could make it bigger…


This isnt a chat room its a coding forum.

It would be to hard to moneter it tho.


also there’s no uploading photos


Your right. That is why this idea is so genius! We will move all of our chatting (which should be coding) there.


How would you know that?