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did not expect that to be the thumbnail, sorry




@DaughterOfHades hallo. Quite late to say this, but welcome back. How have ya been?

ive only come back to check up on the forum, just silently left the forum for different reasons.


hi amulet!!! i was just wondering where you’d been!
Thank you! I’m okay, how are you? it’s nice to see you again!


Nice to see you again as well. That’s good that you’re okay. I would love to say that I’m good, but I’m not at the moment.
only came back for today to see if you had sent anything. and im probably not going to come back here for a very long time I’ll just be hanging around on a social media thingy.


that’s a shame. can I help?
oh, okay! will you check in occasionally?


Nope, you can’t really help that much. Its just some family issues.
I’ll only come on here every 4 – 10 days.


i’m sorry. I hope it gets better soon!
as long as I get to talk to you every now and then <3


I hope it gets better as well, but it probably won’t.
i like how i kind of contradicted myself. 6938


Can anyone help?
haha lol. 6938?


Nope. Just knowing that makes me think this is so fantastic.
6938. numberrss or just number. again i have contradicted myself. i’ll just continue to contradict myself for awhile


sounds just wonderful
we all love contradicting ourselves



hi!!! long time no talk, huh? and also HAPPY BIRTHDAY @tankt2016


Thanks but it’s just my anniversary — I added another cake XD