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Have a good trip!


and also look i have an impersonator


hello i’m back how is everyone


Welcome back!
The forum’s pretty good rn.


that’s great! how are you?


@LunaMorgana387 i never got round to thanking you for moving my gt to the right category



oof who wants to listen to hadey rambling


oh look im now referring to myself in the third person something is Wrong


let’s see


i made a tumblr to talk to my cousin and i told her the url over the holidays and she said she’d follow me
but two ppl followed me
i’ve talked to the one i think is her but i’m not actually sure
and if it is she hasn’t said nothing
and i’m scared to ask outright ‘hey r u my cousin’ it might ruin the friendship if the person is not
but i need to be able to talk to her via tumblr
my mother reads all my emails and theres just some stuff you don’t want other ppl reading

so now i dont know what to do ahhhhhhh


also why does this post have an orange line next to it


and i miss her so much and honestly sometimes she’s the only thing keeping me from just. locking myself up in some room and sleeping till who knows when
but i can’t discuss that kind of thing with her over email
not where my mother can see it because oof if she saw that stuff
so hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


sorry for spamming


maybe talk about some stuff that your cousin could know
or you could try to email your cousin and ask her if that account is hers, and then delete the email as soon as she replies


You are welcome
That is boredom’s job XD


oof maybe
thanks for the advice gobli :purple_heart:


I agree with Gobli’s advice.

In fact - I second it.


thank you
it’s great advice
shame she never checks her email anymore


You’re welcome
Good luck!! I hope you get to talk with your cousin soon


guys i’m happy to report that my beloved cousin realised it was me
thank you all so much for the help
i love you <3
have a great day!