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I’m not sure how it works in (I’m assuming) America, but where I am, our winter holiday starts in a week.


how long are your holidays?


this is wonderful <3


Oh, cool!

(You’re correct with America.)
And I don’t know either because I’m homeschooled.


do you get holidays at all?


No. - _ -
No snow days being homeschooled, either.


ah, that’s a shame


I know.
But we finish a month earlier than the local schools.


2 weeks :DDDDD


But a good thing about being homeschooled is that you get to stay in your pajamas all day and there’s no homework.


you are probably the happiest human in the world if you’re homeschooled


Actually, no.
It gets boring when you’ve been in a house with 3 other people for the majority of your life.


I’d actually really enjoy that


oh wow. we get three weeks but we go to school the whole ramadan


constructive criticism?


I’m not entirely sure if this is a rhyming poem but the first stanza has “day” and “anyway” which rhyme but the second stanza has “to” and “go” which read aloud don’t rhyme.

This stanza all of a sudden has five lines in it. I’m not a poet so I’m not sure if this is a type of strategy used, but normally the layout in the first and / or second stanza(s) is the one used.

I like how you made it seem like your “best friend” was a real person and later revealed that it was your bed.

Overall, it’s a good poem with a sad meaning but which ends on a positive note. The bed allows you to be yourself whilst you lay on it.


thabk u! i did not actually mean for it to be positive tho…


Well, I guess like all art, it was up for interpretation.

I took it as a joyful ending whilst you may have planned it to be sad :blush:


look a hopscotcher copied my project with all these famous hopscotcher’s projects

admittedly she changed the colours and emojis but like
she chose to copy mine as well as ISNBN’s, Awsome Johnson’s and GigglingJellybean


oof i’m gonna be travelling for a while so i won’t be on
ily all <3