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oh. do you keep them far away from the bedrooms?


sure, do you have a gt?


Yeah, unfortunately. The birds seem to like to be outside since they get to talk to the wild birds.


doesn’t it get very hot outside?


Sometimes. When it’s very hot or cold, we keep them inside for a few days until it’s okay for them to be outside again.


* squeal * She sounds adorable!!


It was kind of hard to get a clear photo of Mary since she’s in the cage and I can’t take her out of it because I’m on a ladder




I can take another photo of her when she’s outside of the cage.


oh my lord she’s adorable


dmf hi ily


heyo hadey, and thanks!


how’s life?


school finishes in a week!!
how’s yours?


i understand your happiness
i’m ok, but woot woot, too much homework


does your term not end soon?
ahh same lol


nope, still here. I’m just trying to clear my notifications because dear god, amulet, how many likes? thank you!! <3
edit: this came through a day late because i mentioned the word g o d, sorry for any inconvenience


I’ve got till the end of May.
Or am I just not getting something because I have never gone to a public school?


in a month


this is a poem i just wrote

Best Friend

she is always there
anytime during the day
she can’t talk nor walk
but i love her anyway

my shoulder to cry on
to tell my deepest secrets to
known her since forever
dont wanna let go

she can’t really speak back
tell me something too
i wish she could but
she’s just the bed
in my room

i lie on her
tell her things
cry on her
and be all me