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That’s great. I have eight more days of school.

I’ve been quite sad unfortunately.

Yup, I got a new baby bird yesterday and she’s called Mary.


can’t wait for the holidays, can you?

that’s a shame ;-; Can I help in any way?

eeeeeeee is she cute?


Yup, can’t wait. I can sleep a lot more longer.

No, you can’t really help. You can’t make the person I love the most come back.

She’s very interesting and cute. She has yellow, black, blue and white.


sleep is always wonderful

I’m sorry ;-;

yay! how old is she?


Kind of. Only when I don’t cry in my sleep.

It’s okay. I’ll be fine, it’ll just take a long time for me to be fully fine.

She’s only a few months, I’m guessing around two or three months.


same lol

okay. I’m here for you if you want to talk

aww, she sounds adorable!


I usually cry in my sleep and it’s kind of annoying.

Okie doki. Thank you. ily

She’s also quite tiny compared to the other birds.


it must be

you’re welcome. i love you too!

will she be big when she’s older?


Sometimes my sister also gets annoyed at me for crying in my sleep.

Yup, she’ll get a bit bigger when she’s older. I think she’s the youngest bird I’ve got right now.


i just hide in the bathroom so my sister doesn’t hear

she sounds so cute!


Oh, wow. Is your sister younger or older than you?

I can take a photo of her tomorrow and I could show you what Mary looks like.


about a year younger

really? yay! i can’t wait to see her


Interesting, I’m the youngest out of the five.

Okie doki, I just need to remember to take a photo.


I’m the oldest of 4

how many birds do you have?


Oh, very interesting. Do you have any brothers?

I have seven birds. We are planning on getting another bird next week or when it’s the holidays.


just the one. he’s the youngest.

wow, that’s a lot!


Interesting. Its nice being the youngest.

Yup, they’re so loud in the morning. If the birds are ever separated, they’re going to be even more louder.


do they act like alarm clocks?


HI!!! finally your online!!

hey can we RP


Kind of, but in the morning everyone who is asleep will probably not hear them.