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oh lookie i write a poem about my feelings but apparently my feelings are evil and cannot be trusted and bad daughterofhades saying bad words like ‘love’ and ‘pain’ and promoting lord know what into the minds of the precious but not precocious 5-year-olds on this site


I don’t think a five-year-old has ever gone on this site.


Is your poem pending now?

It’s so annoying how it does that now!



it’s been so long
how long do we have to wait?
they’ve been telling me i’m wrong, all wrong
but soon we’ll be together; safe from the hate

very soon
we’ll be together again
in the same room
no longer alone with the pain

it’s easier with you
better with someone i love; someone i’m loved by
happier, too
hate to see you? not i

at last
it’s almost here
a brief respite, we can talk about the present, future and past
an exchange of feelings, thoughts, words
my love for you now that we’re - finally, briefly - together again, my dear


omg… you are amazing. <3


It could almost be a rap! I really like this.


Go for it! No one will judge.


me too, but we must be prepared for every circumstance, yeah?


thank you so much!! you are too! <3


aw, thank you!!


I’m so sorry; this is all that comes up when I try to quote your post. If there was a hidden message, I am really sorry, but I cannot see it.




@daughterofhades u online?


oh, thank you.
houseelf, you should absolutely post your poem, we’d love to hear it


right now, yes, i am


And now you’re gone


oop sorry my reply had the word god in it
I’m still here, just clearing my notifications from the spamlikes you gave me <3


Oh okie doki. I’ll be coming on and off because of many reasons such as as looking at my new baby bird. So how are you?


good, thanks. school ends in a week.
how have you been?
a new baby bird? wow!