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my sister: (gets consistent a+s)
my parenst: well done!! ur the best!!
me: (struggles but brings maths grade from E+ to C)
my parents: a C is still a bad grade!!!


Just do what you’re capable of.

Your parents don’t say that to upset you, they just want you to be better.


aw thanks jojo


Anytime :slight_smile:


Well, a lot of things have been sad for me lately which is so unfortunate, but I can’t really do much. I wish I could’ve helped him more, but I couldn’t.


30 - 11 - 20181 - 12 - 2018

I love a person named Coleton
And he left me heartbroken
Such a shame
When that time came
At least I did try
To really not cry

Everything felt complete
I’m glad that we got to meet
Everything had felt so much better
My heart felt warm as if his love was a sweater

Things are different without him
My world feels a lot more dim
It feels so lonely and sad
This makes life feel more bad

So many memory pieces
I’m happy that time was decent
I love him so much
I wonder if we’ll ever stay in touch
He’ll stay in my memory forever
I’m so happy that we were together


i’m so sorry @Amulet_10


i’m also really sorry i haven’t been on much lately and i may not be on again for a while


but ily all ur the best <3 <3 <3


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