Poems! (General Topic - DaughterOfHades)



that’s good then




Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll check them out later.

I searched your username and you seem to have an alternative account. Are you @JojoDude?



That would be me!


He has a cool avatar. Where can I get one?


I ditched the account almost 2 years ago.

Can’t remember, sorry :(


Oh, sad. I wanted to have one myself.


Yup. I have to return the book to my brother later.

Also, how are you?


how have you been??


I’m okay, how are you?


That’s good. I’m kind of stressed and kind of tired.



How are things going for you?



that usually helps when I’m tired


No. I shall not sleep even though I’m tired and its twelve in the morning


sleep child
seep will help


that’s great!
I’m okay, thanks!


Can’t sleep now, my alarm is going to go off soon and I’m still stressed


why do you not sleep ;-;
try drinking a hot drink for the stress


Sleeping makes me even more sleepier

I can’t really go outside of my room to anything because I’m going to disturb some people


and not sleeping doesn’t?
maybe put on a jacket or smth then. or something soft/fluffy