Poems! (General Topic - DaughterOfHades)



Lovely… Finally finished the song since I was kinda busy so I couldn’t listen to it all. Also, how are you dearie?


wait, you listen to these? wow!!
I’m okay, thanks. how are you?


i lowkey wanna learn the dance for this smh



Yup, I do listen to them.

That’s good. I’m just tired and sad…


Let me say something offensive here, K-pop is average pop music but in Korean.


oh wow, i had no idea
aw, I’m sorry. can i help?


yeah, i hear that a lot


Well, now you know.

I’m not sure if you could help me… I’ve been just crying quite a bit, because of many reasons.


i’m sorry,,
if you need to talk I’m here


Thank you… Can I ask you something?


of course! go ahead


Alright then. Do you even care about me?


yes!! oml amulet i care so much and i’m so sorry if it doesn’t seem like that, i’m really sorry, i love you and you’re one of the kindest, most compassionate, interesting, friendly person i’ve ever known and if you feel like i don’t care about you tell me what i’m doing wrong i’ll fix it :sparkling_heart::gift_heart::heartpulse::heartbeat::revolving_hearts::purple_heart::blue_heart::green_heart::yellow_heart::orange_heart::heart::two_hearts::heartbeat:


You really make me feel a bit better… I love you too and you’re not doing anything wrong. I only asked that is because of my negative thoughts and I just had to make sure.


i’m glad i could help,
you’re an amazing human being amulet and i will never not think so, ily :heartpulse:


You’re so lovely and kind and so many other words… You really remind me of someone.


thanks, amulet. you’re kinder and sweeter and far more amazing tho!!
really? who?


Aww… Thank you, but I’ll always think you’re more amazing.

You actually remind me of two friends…but I unfortunately don’t talk to them anymore…


thank you!! but you’re more amazing :heartpulse:
aw, that’s a shame ;-;