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No, but my other birds are.


do they bully him?


Nope, Andy will protect him if they do bully him.


is Andy another one of your birds?


I guess he is. My sister is the owner of him, but she doesn’t get to take care of him so I take care of Andy instead.


quite fascinating; is he also a budgie?


Yup. All of my birds are budgies.


cool! do you have any other pets?



Yup, four fish.


cool! are they goldfish?




that’s nice. I have to go now, goodnight! <3


Oh, alright then. Goodnight then, have a great sleep.


whoop de doop
I have to write a story for my English class and I can honestly say that up til now I had never, ever considered my writing style to be anything similar to a fanfic but here I am with some horrible quality writing that seems to mimic a very bad fanfic, so what I’m saying is that ig it’s (not) cool that I now write like everything must be a glorified, overdescriptive mess of a poor effort


oh and also
maths test today
i opened it and the only thought i was capable of generating was “what.” followed by a “who invented this chaos”