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Hai frens! This is my general topic (I still don’t exactly know how these work, but whatever) and I will post poems and stuffs on here!

Out Come the Animals
Over the hill and far away,
In the land of no night or day,
Out come the animals, ready to play.
Out comes the lynx,
Its pelt as black as the darkest inks,
With eyes the colour of the sea in which a ship sinks.
Out comes the wolf, as dark as the night sky,
Howling at the moon, as always, “Why?”
And all the while the cubs jump off the rocks, trying to fly.
Out comes the dragon, a mighty, fire-breathing lizard,
Which first came out of a freezing blizzard,
And learned magic at the care of the Wizard.
Out comes the horse,
And its cousins the hippicampi, pegasi and unicorn, of course,
All the while they canter over a hill where the heather is course.
Out come the animals, ready to play,
And dance in the ever-lasting dusk, never to see the light of day.
Until mankind, prancing up the hill one day,
Claps his hands, and is heard to say:
“Oh! What a beautiful land! What beautiful animals! They shall be mine before the hens lay!”
And the lynx, the wolf, the dragon and the horse have met their end,
At the hands of mankind, him and his friend.
And the animals play never again,
Finally, finally, to be injured, never to mend.

This is a poem I wrote while bored in Science: it’s about a land I made up in my imagination. Please feel free to add your own work or donate constructive criticisms.


I love poems! What loveliness :smile::open_mouth:


I like poems to but the way they teach it is horror


I like poems too! This one was great!


Wow...... That....was...
Simply beautiful. I loved it.


Can I post some poems I made too?


I think you can. Daughter of hades said that you can add your own stuff.


claps slowly


Thank you! That was the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me about my poems!


Sure! Feel free to add your poems; and thanks!


Noticed for once
It could not last
I left for a while
Now I am a relic of the past
Back again I came
But in my quest for fame
I fell
And like a phoenix
I rose
From the ashes
Stronger, in poetry and prose...
(Kinda unrelated, I guess.)


realises her topic has been abandoned goes to annoy other topics


Can I post my poems, too? or do you want to keep it as your own.


Feel free to put your poems here, anyone can.


A simple voice echoed through the cave....
The voice was wrecked with hunger craze,
And so was said "Oh my!"

Trodding through the cave with barely a bone,
Through the darkness with not a light,
The only word said was barely a moan,
In the treacherous flight......

Soon a light was seen,
soon the voice showed a man,
The light was barely mean,
Didn't cook him up as egg in a pan.

His thirst was great,
So asked he did,
to the teller of his fate,
One who cared not a fig for his rid.

"Please!" whispered the voice...."water!"
The teller of fate turned away,
caring only for his own coat of fur,
Let the man on the ground lay.

A good deed wasn't made,
the earth got heated with anger,
This did not even fade,
Someone let a man die of hunger.

This is not fair,
Care for more,
Make kindness not so rare,
Or let Earth have so much gore.....


That's a great poem!


Thank you! It's not as good as yours though...


No, it's better. My poems are really just random lines with rhyming words. Yours actually sends a message.


Again, thanks!


No problem.