PMs on The Hopscotch Forum Should Be Allowed



I believe that private messaging via The Hopscotch Forum should be allowed since you can't chat outside of Hopsco-

Well, actually, it is moderated! Leaders and above would be able to see these PMs, and the posts can be deleted! This feature would also be for members and higher, meaning that you can't just make a new account and be mean like that :slight_smile:

That's not going to happen. The kids on this forum are DEFINITELY smart enough to not share addresses or other personal information! The whole forum is composed of older kids that are 8 or more years old, and if you're that age, you've either been taught not to share it in school/your parents/the internet, or you have enough logic not to say anything bad like that! :slight_smile:

Well, if that or something else bad like that happens, they'll then simply have the chance to be suspended or banned from Hopscotch!

In my mind, PMing should be primarily used for collabing. :slight_smile:

Tricky question!

Well, if a leader sees, they'd say something like: "Is this Hopscotch related? If not, please make it related to Hopscotch. Thanks! :)"

If they keep abusing PM, they're eligible to have the ability to PM taken away from them. :slight_smile:

Thank you. :laughing:

As I was saying, I believe that private messaging via The Hopscotch Forum should be allowed since you can't chat outside of Hopscotch! A lot of my outside conversations were either collabs or stories, so PMing could replace those Google Doc conversations and stories, but make it on the forum! :smile:

As I said, PMs are moderated! If Hopscotcher 1 said something nasty to Hopscotcher 2, Hopscotcher 2 could flag Hopscotcher 1's post, and then a leader would go over, delete Hopscotcher 1's bad post(s), and then Hopscotcher 1 would have their ability to PM taken away! They could also have a chance to be suspended for a certain amount of time, or be banned from the forum completely! :slight_smile:

If they're not Hopscotch related and they're just talking about their favorite part of ____ anime or something, a leader would see and say something like, "Lets get back on topic, k? :)". If they don't get back on topic, they could also have their PM taken away. :slight_smile:

In a nutshell, if you abused PM by:

  • Being off topic about random stuff
  • Sharing personal information
  • Being mean

You would have it taken away from you. :slight_smile:

Also, it would allow Liza to add more leaders to the forum for people who want to be a leader! There would probably be a lot of PMs, so there would have to be more leaders to monitor PMs (so leaders don't get overwhelmed by their job)! :slight_smile:

And then there's also a very good idea that @SmileyAlyssa suggested that would reduce leader monitoring and mean people drastically through PMs:

I believe this is what should happen, since a person can't just make a new account and start hating. :slight_smile:

Do you agree?

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Thanks for reading, remember to leave feedback, and have a good day/night/evening! :slight_smile:

Request to share collab login details securely

Leaders can't see PMs unless they are invited. :frowning:


I agree with this! At first I thought it would be a lot of work to moderate a bunch of pms, but it's really no different that moderating the rest of the forum. I mean, a pm is exactly the same as the forum, just less people. That would be easier for collabs and stuff.


So every time a mods make a pm, could they add themselves? Or make it mandatory they invite a leader+ or else they could get it trouble?


Maybe Liza could make this possible :smiley:


Oooh. Only Mods+ can make PMs, so they could invite the Leaders and everyone else, so it's moderated. :smiley:


I also kinda want this....

If pm's are intergreted so anyone can use, you can be off topic?

Ehh no.

But good idea! I defiantly stand by this.


Oh, I forgot to add a section!

It would allow Liza to have more leaders for people who want to be a leader if the forum does get cluttered with PMs! Adding now, here's a like! :slight_smile: :heart:


yeah but it's still a lot for us to moderate with what we all have going on. i still make time to at least look at flags, and I've got 2.5 hours of swim, and the others have much more.

also, you could be saying bad things behind someone's back in a pm.

it's probably best to just stick with mods making PMs if it's for a reaaaaally good reason


le cough


Well, that'd be our reason for having more than 10 leaders, wouldn't it be? :laughing:

It's not a bad thing to have that many though, especially on a kids forum where you want everything to be monitored. :slight_smile:

That would count as a warning, and you'd have a bigger chance of getting PMing taken away.

It would be faster than to wait for a mod to respond to your post though, wouldn't it be? :slight_smile:


Here's Liza's word about it:





I would like PMs, and you pretty much covered all the problems there would be with PMs so I agree with you!

But... What if everyone started to drift to only PMing, and nobody used actual topics and categories anymore? Maybe it could only be for Members or Regs+, and you only have a certain amount of replies in PMs so it would give the leaders less work and we would still use the forum we have now.


Well, I guess so, but what if you needed to transfer an account username or password? PMs are the answer. :slight_smile:


Fine, how about pms only for very valid and understandable reasons?


That's why the "on topic" rule is in play. :slight_smile:

That was my thought as well :smiley:


So you only want PM's to be for sharing passwords? That seems like a very big feature addition just to solve a little problem that there are already workarounds for.


^^Solution. Adding this into my essay :smiley:


Well its supposed to help people, im sure that wont happen.

I hope it does not....
But I still think it should happen.
But I do agree with members thing.