Plz read ( to people who read my other post.)


About my post Why we steal/copy other people's projects:

It bugs some people if you use their codes or remix their projects saying that you made them, and to others it doesn't. Free to use projects are just as they are said to be, Free to use. My projects are all free to use, except if you copy the EXACT code. :blush::sweat_smile: - S7:lollipop:


I think there's already a topic made about this.


Huh ? I don't understand o.o


Why didn't you post this on your original topic? Just curious.


(I think)
You have made a copy of another topic (without knowing it).


I honestly don't know :sweat_smile:


Probably. I'm a newbie with all this " forum " stuff. >,<


Welcome to the forum!

I'll give you the link to the other topic.