PLZ HELP. Project doesn't show up


I published a remix of my friends project. He didn't want it so he deleted it, and now nobody can see my remix. The remix was basically a whole game. He reposted the original under a new name, but still nobody can see my project. My game. PLZ HELP.


Okay, it looks like the project is stuck in the filter! The filter is designed to filter out bad projects! Try emailing the Hopscotch Team here: help@gethopscotch, and they'll help!

Also, I think the word is what's stuck, it's not really appropriate.


I think it's stuck inside of the project filter because it involves drugs. The project filter filters projects with bad words out! Try replacing the words drugs or drug and republish! It might show up again! And remember to keep projects kid-friendly! There are younger audiences who are younger than 7 who play this game! :wink: