Plz Halp! Fren BerryFOX need it! D:


This is hard an confusing (especially because I broke meh finger yesterday doing gymnastics D:) I made a new custom block, but I can't put the other blocks inside of it!! D: (I use custom blocks a lot) Plz HALP!! D:


You press and hold on the ☰ icon on the right edge of each block to drag them. You can look at this project by THT for more info on the new update. :smiley:

Good luck with your project, and I hope your finger feels better soon. :)


It looks like Inty explained it! All you have to do is use the three lines on the side.

I hope your finger feels better. :D


Please stop. This is rude and not funny. I'm flagging. I don't like being mean but you are being incredibly mean and rude. Stop.

Anyway, intellection had a great answer!


I agree with u
Oh it was hidden right now


Inty explained it already! :smiley:

Does your finger still hurt? D:


That's fun!!! Anti I rite?


Thanks doggy fren!! :3


Yesh sadly ;-;
Should take laik 5-6 weeks to get better ;-;


Go get a better sense of humor or fun.
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No, you are being so rude. You are being incredibly rude.

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Well thx for doing SOMETHING for the problem!! :3


No problem, and I'm sorry I'm am making off topic posts here. I'm trying to get him to stop.


@StRiKe_Panzer your posts are being spammy, rude, and making people feel uncomfortable.
Please stop replying in the manner that you are or the mods might need to be involved in this situation, thanks!


This is kinda rude :confused:


I got mad sorry.
But seriously.
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Fun though!

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