Plz don't make me have stress I saw my screen was cracked


Plz be very nice my screen cracked and I am very stressed.


Ummm, we are all nice. And u can repair the screen if it is cracked. It's not a big deal.


Hmmm... Maybe we don't need a whole topic for this. In sorry your screen was cracked though!


Guys this is a big deal


Yes it is a big deal mister


Ok, but my screen is cracked to. I didn't need to make a topic. Maybe you could post this on your general topic or something?


Ya but urs isn't a school iPad


It's a school iPad? How did it get cracked?
At our school, we have to pay 700 dollars for a new school iPad if we drop it. I hope that doesn't happen to you :grin:
Just explain it to your teachers very calmly, be honest and cry and I'm sure they will understand!


Cry? :3
Would that work?


Teachers hate it when people cry T-T


My fren cracked her school iPad too!

Maybe not make a whole topic a both it though, maybe put this in your general topic or another place!
We always try to be nice here so I don't think we need a topic :D

I hope your less stressed out soon!


They've said it all. A new topic wasn't exactly necessary…

And sorry about your screen :grimacing:

Mine is too but it's mine…


First of all, not all of us. Second of all, maybe he doesn't have the money.


I am a guy.


Whoops, I thought you were someone else!


Ok, I get it :smiley:
It's 100% fine.


Does your device still operate


Well, that's not necessarily true.

Also, what do you mean "it's not a big deal"

Fixing a cracked screen costs money. It's expensive.


It's a big deal, and I'm guessing your parents have a decent amount of money, saying that you can just repair it. Like I said before, some people don't have the money. You know, money doesn't grow in our mom's flower garden. Since it's a school iPad, they probably have to pay like 700 bucks!
Also, not all of us are nice as rainbows, that is not true.


My screen on my phone is just...

Words can't describe it

Imagine a skyscraper made out of glass

Now imagine that breaking