Plz answer me because I’m desparate


Does anyone wanna start a drawing collab with me?


I won’t be too active


On what?
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Hello and welcome to the forum! I’m not that good at drawing and I just started a collab, so I won’t sadly be able to collab with you.


Oh yes sure I can be active on it!


can i draw this


oh hello welcome to the forum

so uh hey im happydolphin?? tag me if you need help or sth idk sorry i have no hopscotch

but if you want to be my friend, keep this in mind:

please call me:

please do not call me:
mrs./miss/ms. watterson
mrs./miss/ms. gumball
mrs./miss/ms. gumball watterson


Lol @HappyDolphin I’m laughing so hard

sorry can’t like I ran out of likes


@Marlie656 welcome and I will be in de collab with you!


Cool guys. What should we name it!


So guys what should we name it and what should the password be


Anyone who has seen this and responded can join but I’m gonna name it Drawers and the password will be Drawing11. We can figure out a better name when we get there so… good luck and see ya there


I mean Username Drawers11 password Drawing11