Pls save me from the inactiveness! (Serious Topic)

Yeah, so I haven't posted on the forum in 4 days, and I haven't posted on the app in I don't even know how long. But the point is, it's like I'm on a raft that's ever so slightly drifting away from Hopscotch. I love Hopscotch, but I always tell myself, "ok, I'm gonna finish that project in Hopscotch today". Now look at Hopémon Go. It was created back in August (I think) and it was supposed to be my biggest project. It's still in beta. All of my friends are actually trying to persuade me to quit. They're not making me quit, but they're influencing me to be inactive. Not posting in 4 days is not like me. I just need help. Help getting back on track like I used to be.

Please help.



It's really easy to drift away from hopscotch....

In the forum I would start a conversation (interesting one) and leave in the middle of it so that way you have something to look forward to and get on the forum


I would be happy to offer other suggestions, just ask!


I'm actually pretty active on the forum but on the app, i'm not maikin' anything either XD it has been a loong time not making anything in HS!


This is funny because I'm to addicted to the forum.

If you think it's time to go, then go.

Ask yourself this: Do I really want to keep hopscotching?

Your awesome :)


Same I'm addicted to the Forum but I don't feel like and don't have the time to publish stuff. I want to stay on Hopscotch but I just don't know what and how to make time and to motivate myself to do it. : (


Same. I'm drifting away from hopscotch I haven't posted in four days on there XD I'm too busy collabing XD

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Idk how to help.

Make it interesting