Pls help meh need help now!


I need help…
How do you add a group or like make one?
Because I have no idea
Pls help


You can’t


??? ??? Wut ??? Are you talking about


u can’t


You can’t, only moderators can. At the moment there aren’t any active ones, sooo…


You can’t
(Jus t wanted to add to the line)


I see

This needs to be 20 character’s so ya


.t’nac uoY


Yeah, unfortunately moderators are the only ones who can create groups at the moment.

Also, to get past the 20 character rule, you can type like this:
<any lowercase letters inside here will count as characters but they are not going to be visible to the public as long as they are only lowercase.>


You can’t make a group. T1, one of the moderators on Hopscotch used to make groups when requested but now she stopped I think? @William04GamerA, what happened to @t1_hopscotch?

sorry for the tag :,((


I don’t know the whole story, however I think she just left, without any particular reason… but idk, don’t listen to me.


She left after a few months as a community intern (basically a moderator), to help THT with other projects. Here is the topic where she announced that:

That’s totally fine, don’t worry! I enjoy answering questions :slight_smile: