Plot Idea Generator!



This idea—is very simple—and will be known for it's wide variety of options, and it's easily understood, clean, and colorful layout. All I need help with is as many ideas as possible! You will just be able to edit idea lists in a reply below. (It is post 11)
As I said before, the layout will be clean and colorful.
There will be ideas of names, problems, and even plot twists! There will also be mini filler scene ideas, and so much more!

Think of mysterious ideas!
Fantasy ideas!
Maybe even Romance!
Holiday themes!

I can't wait!


So,is this a topic to generate plot ideas for games and role plays?:thinking: Can you explain it a bit more?:slight_smile:


@AlohaHawaiiStudios I am making a project on Hopscotch which will be a plot Generator, and this is where you can put in things that may be something in it!


Oh I get it!:grinning: For an idea, you can put an HSB drawing pad!:grinning:


@AlohaHawaiiStudios no, uhh, it's ideas for plots of books (they don't have to be Hopscotch books either)


I thought it was a game generator.:thinking: My mistake. I'm not sure what to put down...:confused:


@AlohaHawaiiStudios it's alright :sweat_smile:
By looking at your description you don't seem like you are walking into the author's path, so I understand if your ideas are shallow X(D

Btw sorry if that came out mean


I have one! Give my a min to type it out!


Do you want me to make it a global edit post so people can edit theirs in?


@Himynameismeredith1 yes please. I was planning to do it later until I realized I couldn't.



Main Conflicts
Mini Side Conflicts w/ Solutions (bumps along the road)
Plot Twists
Filler Scenes
Character Names

More lists soon!

Edit: you have to put a space between the two [/details] things @Hoppertoscotch