Pleese like my project


I made a new project that I'm really happy with! So I would love it if you could give it a like or even nominate it for featured!
Here is the link
If you think it's good enough for featured then pleese nominate it!


Begging for likes isn't allowed sorry


I'll check it...




There is room for improvement though.


I just leiked it :wink:


Wow, that's a really cool project! I love the hand trail art. :D

I don't think we're supposed be creating a new topic for something like this, though. Maybe post this in you're general topic or the Nominations for Featured topic? :D


This is a really awesome idea! I love the way that the layout is so simple :3
I have a few suggestions:
1–Try doing a trail art of the nails in a lighter color, so people know where to put the nail polish
2–If you make the nails, add code so that you can't color outside of the nails =D
3–Maybe add an HSB picker?
That's all I have. Awesome game!


I know that I could of done it in my general topic and A TON of topics i made I could of done it in my general topic but if i did then NOBODY WILL SEE IT


Please, don't beg for likes.