Please vote (Only if you know me on Hopscotch)



Sorry that this is a topic but I want to get as much data as possible. I'm assuming you know me on Hopscotch. If you really do know me, you would notice that I regularly make "What's your future series" every few weeks. I'm really not sure if you want me to keep making these series, or to just continue with other projects. Please tell me your opinion below :slight_smile:

  • Keep making "What's your future" series
  • Stop making "What's your future" series


Now please complete a poll on when you want me to publish each series. The numbers represent every project I make. So you can vote 5 if you want the series to be made every 5 projects. Please don't vote on this next poll if you don't want me to make the series :smiley:

  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9


Thank you so much if you completed the poll!



Yeah... I understand, you will eventually run out of ideas...


Not really, i just think some people like it and some people dont


I love your future series! they are so good! Some of the outcomes are hilarious! Why bother stop it?


I don't really mind lol, I think your projects are all good!


people really like your trail art so you should keep that going :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :grinning:


thanks, my channel is more art than games :grin:


I like to make different projects when I publish so thats why i only did 4-9


When you are ran our of ideas, I will deliver you some!:wink:


for the "whats your future" series?


I mean ALL of your ideas-need in general


Thanks so much @StarryDream you are such a great help!


You're welcolm!


Thank you to everyone who voted in the polls


Your nor making any sense..


what's not making sense?


@SomeWonder @DA-BEASTY @minioncandy @StarryDream @Niftynia75 @Sweetlina @Paige1212 looking from the polls, looks like I'll be posting another "whats your future project" in 2 projects time.


Just a question, what is this series?? I don't have HS on my phone, 'cause my phone is an android device.


@ButterBark I have posted a series called "What's your future?" Its a wacky project which is kind of like a fortune teller. For every project in that series (6 projects so far), I try to make a different future topic. I just wanted to know if people still wanted me to still make them


Pleaaase dont stop them, i love these series! :grinning: