Please Try to be Kind (feedback/the update)



I know there are topics like this, but there are many saying how the update is horrible, so I thought it was necessary.

To start, you can hate the update if you want. I'm not here to change your opinion, and I wouldn't want to. Even if I wouldn't recommend it, you can quit because of the update if it's your choosing; I'm not trying to be biased at all.

Think of what you would say directly to the Hopscotch Team's faces. If someone said a huge project you've been working hard on is terrible, you would probably feel bad. They're people just like us, and they have feelings.

I'm not saying to sugarcoat it or give really nice reviews if you think it's bad. You do have to be harsh in order to show THT that it really bothers the community. But "screaming" in all caps doesn't really give them feedback that they need to improve.

Just one question: will anyone benefit from this?

I'm sorry if you think this is offensive or anything, I really don't mean to. I'd just want for people to think of this before they rage-quit the update just because it isn't the same.


I totally agree! I actually kind of like portrait mode!


I've actually started to enjoy the new update more! I've updated two of my iPads (the third is on it's way back to my dad's company in China. ;-;) and I find coding to be a bit easier! There are some definite bugs like the lag and such, but I think if you're willing to take the change, you'll like it! Portrait mode is still a big dislike and hopefully in the next update they'll include landscape! In fact, I made a project in Hopscotch about change!


Wait there was a new update


Wait. You're kidding right? You haven't seen all the hate on the update?


No, I just got back from sleepaway camp and I have to go through 100+ new topics from Wednesday-now. I'm not reading anything



I haven't seen that one yet. I'll get to it soon


Ohhhh. That makes sense now. Well, the iPhone editor is now on iPad too. ;n;. Thumbnails are even smaller. And, it's only in portrait mode.


I have 1029 topics unread and 223 new topics to read


I have 293 topics to read


I, personally don't know how to use any blocks/codes now. ;-;

Like... I just can't understand the new layout.. Blocks... And whenever I go into a code it just... All the code appears on one page. So... I panicked trying to figure it out but it won't let me drag codes, throw away code... Ect. ;-;

Help pls. ;-;


Hehe hehe *slowly goes insane

No hate just jokes


Lol I come on here every hour and I have like the topics to read each time!

This is a great topic, and I actually don't mind the update to much!


I like how you can change where people see your project.


Amazing topic! I'm liking the new update a lot, it's kind of tricky to get used to though. :smile:


To throw away blocks, drag a block to the left side of the screen! :smile:

I spent about 5 minutes figuring that out though :P