Please Test This Experiment! Give Results! Yes, YOU! :D


I have created a project similar to Snapchat. Not really, though. Just one mechanism. I would like a bunch of test subjects to try this out.


  1. Click this link, but not yet. Read all the instructions first.

  2. Get out another device. Put it next to you.

  3. Open the project. Now, click 'Open Message.'

  4. Once you see the message, attempt to take a picture using your other device.

  5. Try 20 times! That's a lot, but it would really help!

  6. Now, this is when you need to be honest. Look at all 20 pictures in your camera roll. Out of how many of them, can you see the emoji clearly AND the text? Record this on a piece of paper.
    Please don't look at the code, that's the whole point when you guess.

  7. Now, name the emoji you saw, and the text in a separate piece of paper. Or type it, it doesn't matter. Then look at the code.
    How many of them did you get right? Record that too.

  8. Was this hard? Did you have to guess some of the text and emoji? Record this, too!

  9. Enter the topic, and post them like the example below.

Please list your results like this.

How Many Times I Could See Message Clearly: _____ out of 20
How Many I Guessed Right ______ out of 20
I thought this was [insert easy or hard here].
I [did/did not] have to guess the text and emoji.

If you would like to do more than 20 (that would help), make sure the number of tries is easily multiplied into 100!

This will help me to calculate percentage better.

Please don't post anything other than results. This is a testing topic, so please NO off topic randomness.

Seriously. Don't be random, because then I will flag them as off topic.

Please don't even say, "Cool, I'll try!"

The only thing I want in this topic besides this main post is results.

I'm being serious like this because I want this topic to be straightforward with results and not clogged with randomness.

Thank you!

  • Snoopy (:art:)



People Who I Want to Test This:
These are random people that are on the forum a lot.


How Many Times I Could See Message Clearly: 7 out of 20How Many I Guessed Right 5 out of 20 I thought this was [in the middle].I [did] have to guess the emoji
Add me to ur list of people on the forum a lot I'm on everyday for almost eight hours a day


Thanks! :D
Here's a prize! :cookie:


Gets saw, cuts out cookie on iPad screen, eats cookie, gets electrocuted
Dies xD

Can we do a collab, reply in the post by editing it, I'll make it a wiki
@snoopy @Kiwicute2016


What am I supposed to do? I feel like I'm being extremely oblivious.


Read the instructions, please. :D


If you can't use another devise, just do a screenshot.


No, that's not the point. Don't do that, please!


Ok, I was just wondering.


Can you do this test, please?


No sorry, I tried but I don't have another devise


I would do this, but it keeps crashing my phone. :0

Also how is this like snapchat? Just wondering


I'm testing the timer feature. I'm just disappointed that only one person did this. ;-;


Oh. For pics? Can't you just make a 10 second timer?


No, I want one second. I am afraid that on Snapchat, somebody will take a picture of my message using another phone, which will not notify me. I was thinking, if I set the timer to one second, will taking a picture work, or will the content of the message be blurry?


So this test is just to see if something on snapchat will work? I have snapchat! Taking pics of the picture isn't usually blurry for me On snapchat :slight_smile:


Ok, thanks, but can you try it with this, too?
That helped! :D


Maybe I'll try it later but idk. I have lax practice and stuff tonight. Sry


omg love this..except it dissapears too fast