Please stop! There is to much!


ENOUGH, people, ENOUGH. I am seeing ■■■■■■■■■■■ and I'm depressed projects on Hopscotch and I'm seeing people trying to change personality sto become leader and it just shatters everything the fourms and hopscotch is about. Please don't do this! I've had enough of this and it messes me up and it messes the fourm up and just be happy with where you are. Do I aspire to be a leader and mod? Yes! Do I care that I am not either of those things and I'm not even a regular? Absolutely not! Here's a quote: if you aren't content with where you are in life, you haven't gotten anywhere. And I am sorry this sounds so mean but really, this needs to stop! People leaving and vying for ranks brings others down and makes them feel bad. So please don't do it! It is what it is and you are where you are. If your not friends with the Hopscotch team like Kiwicute and you don't video chat them? That doesn't matter! Be happy with where you are!


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What do you mean? I don't understand?


Some people have to leave for a reason.. they dont have a choice.. like me in the summer (i have to leave every summer so i can come back in the fall... not a school ipad tho..)... or with people with school ipads


Same... But that is very different.


But the term " I'm leaving " can be used for the greater good or bad. It truly depends on the situation and the message you are receiving.


Good point. I mean about the people who are leaving because of popularity. Leaving because they have to is completely different.


Ah. I see your point. The best thing you can do is to ignore these project and stay out of them. This is the only thing they want. Attention.


I agree, this really needs to stop. Turning in iPads for the summer in one thing, but bullying is another. Changing personality for leader is another thing.
Here are my thoughts:
•It's totally fine to aspire to be more helpful!
•It's not OK to change who you are for a promotion
•Be yourself as long as you try your best to help other, you are nice, and on topic, and you may unlock leader!


I edited and I am not trying to change my personality a lot of us just want leader to help no need to yell!:wink:


And ignore the popularity they just want attention!


I don't exactly understand why this is such a big deal.
I published a draw pad on my account and it got a few likes. I still felt proud.


Sorry I got kinda mad.


That's good enough for you, and all other humble people. But some quit because of popularity and things get annoy and ugly people start calling other names and chaos.


I see where you're coming from, but some people just need a break. That's why I did it. There is some much drama and pressure, sometimes it distracts from the good parts. I think that if you leave, you should let your followers know, even if you are coming back.


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im new........wat is a leader?? @Creatorstyle @seawolfwerehorse


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A leader is a higher trust level, they can do more things such as close and open topics.


I know you all are leaders, but what exactly is a leader?