Please stop putting topics in lounge


Please stop. Half the time regulars are putting topics in lounge where there is no flame wars at all. Believe it or not, having a friendly discussion /argument isn't a flame war. Also, if should be the owner of the topics decision not a random regular who thinks they should move it to lounge

And on another topic, don't spam flag to close people's topics cause it makes the owner sad/mad


Ok, listen.
You might not think so, but putting topics in the lounge is good for some members.
They don't have to be notified of every reply that is mean or smth.


*puts topic in lounge
JK :joy:



Ur cool


I always ask before lounging.


But my topic is when a regular just randomly lounges a topic


Lol that's original


okay listen

if you're unhappy with the lounging of a certain topic you can just,, you know,, say it,,, since you're on a forum made for talking,,, you know,,, instead of threatening everyone and lumping everyone together???

lately there have been many lounged topics, yes, but if you'd like i can go to the lounge filter and just show you all the recently lounged topics. basically all of them are either:

1) flame wars (that are no longer being fought after the lounging)

2) conversations that are relatively off-topic / discussing sensitive matters

so please if you've got a complaint, being vague is not the way to get your point across. complain straightfowardly, because otherwise we have no idea what you're talking about and therefore can't help.


Oh. Ok.


Ayyy you're mocking me too GO XIAO


The forum isn't made for talking tho




Is it sad that I don't know if that's sarcasm or a compliment
Sorry I'm off topic


That's sorta what a forum is. A site for people to discuss things in a category, like Hopscotch.


um...? okay then if you really feel that way...

but either way, if you've got a complaint, you're being far too vague about it, and you aren't stating your problem at all. i can't help you, neither can anyone else, because you literally aren't saying anything except for repeating a phrase over and over again.


That's sarcasm lol


But the forum isn't made for talking


But the forum isn't made for talking
So ur wrong there


No it's not sarcasm! I would never be mean like that!
Becomes mean<>*
Ok now that's not original


that's actually miao,(from the creation of the username in all) but whatever floats your boat