Please Stop Leaving


Forget it. You guys have a really great way of disagreeing with people :L


People leave sometimes. It's ok.


Well times change and so must us
@KVJ will get this reference


You can't control what other people do
Besides a bunch of people are already leaving


dude I've been thinking about leaving for a long time

just because 2 people leave doesn't mean anything is changing.


Mobcraft is leaving now and I'm sure others will too


Also, you guys were big role models on the forum and I'm sure people will leave after seeing you guys leave

I mean go ahead, do what you want, im just telling other people they don't need to leave because you are


I guess people are tired on the forum

like me


Yeah, @PopTart0219, you and anon were huge role models for me.

You guys were so fun on the forum. Without you it's like it's lost even more of its spark, which for me it has been losing every day.

Good luck in life.


I was about to make this same exact topic!


Yup! Everyone will leave at one point. Belive it or not sadly :/


Dude I get that it

I realize I'm probably gonna leave in the next few years



last day is September 5th.


The day before my first day of school...


@PopTart0219 just gave me the courage to


Oh great Poptart you know you make me feel really chill and happy when I'm sad and stuff like that an dim super nervous because I'm going to a new school and... Well...


I'm stoked you had a good time, and have a chill rest of your liyfe :metal: -Every surfer ever 2016




Well, you can't really control when people leave ;-;

We probably will all leave at one point but we just have to respect others desicions and wish for the best future! :D
I know how you feel though ;-;


Don't worry we might not be on hopscotch to tell the tale but I'm sure that a younger generation of hopscotchers will carry on the the story if hopscotch