Please stop, it isn't cool


So I've been reading all the posts and topics before I made an account. I gotta say that I'm disappointed. This is my opinion so don't get all mad.

I saw on one topic that you were all ganging up on this kid. That's really not cool. Then you got mad at him when he was being mean. You wanna know why he's being mean? Maybe cause having five people calling him mean threw him over the cliff. He cracked. Let's see how you would react to that

And I noticed that you expect the other person to be perfect. You have to realize that you aren't perfect and that you do bad stuff to. Maybe people don't bring as much atfapention to it but you still do it.

Alright and the whole thing with ella's suspension. Personally I dont agree with it. I was watching the topic when you were arguing (before she was suspended) and she NEVER once said she was going to share her last name. She did say she might share the first letter of her last name but what harm will that do? Crazy stalkers won't be able to find her just with one letter. Well I don't wanna get in a big argument but this is my opinion

I think if ur gonna enforce that rule then you gotta enforce the communication outside the forum rule because that can effect many formers safety. And some even admitted they do it.


I ran out of replies

I jut created an account so I'm new in that way but I've been watching the forum without an account for a while

@anikeony that actually wasn't directed at you but I'm sorry if you thought it was. I'm just showing my observations. And telling ppl to be nicer


Plz come over to my topic. I sent you an invite and i am lonely


This is going to cause an argument again. I also never was in defense of anyone b/c they were both right and wrong. Even if I did have someone In mind to defend for, it's going to be unfair.
Let's keep the case aside, then forget it and stop reopening it after it is closed.


Are you new to the forum, by the way?


Are you sure you're new?
You seem to have a lot of opinions already for someone who's new.


I knew it wasn't directed at me but this topic generally includes everyone involved


1) I don't think you are new. How do you know @Ella_13'S nickname is Ella? How do you know what a suspension is? How come you have such an opinion?

2h I think you are another hopscotcher in disguise...


Aye you tell 'em


What do u mean how does he know her nickname is Ella? It's not her nickname. It's her rea.l name. If someone's username is emma12 then you can most likely assume their name or middle name is Emma.

A suspension is not a hard thing to understand. It's the same as a school suspension

Are they not allowed to have an opinion ? They have been watching the forum for a while without an account so they formed an opinion.

They aren't a hopscotch in disguise. I can tell you that

Don't make false rumors