Please Stop "How famous am I" Polls


This is such a pain. Lately, everybody has been making "How famous am I?" and "How well known am I?" topics on the forum. Now, I'm not gonna say that popularity doesn't matter, because we all know that we are lying when we say we don't care. But these topics are getting really spammy, so please, just stop.


I agree, they can be a little annoying. It doesn't matter if you're "popular", "famous", or "well known" on Hopscotch. Hopscotch wasn't made for competition and stress. It was made for people to express their creativity and learn to code! I, for one, am not "famous". I just like to have fun! I honestly don't care about how many likes I get. Sure, it's a nice feeling when you get a lot of likes, but make sure you don't let that feeling get in the way of you having fun.

@Nerd4Ever, you make a good point. Inside all of us is that little voice that tells us we need to be better than everyone else. When I first started Hopscotch I was a little upset when I didn't get many likes, but that just helped me learn and work a little harder. Being "popular" is important to a lot of us, and I suppose we can't really control that. We're just humans being humans.


I just did mine to see who I should get to know on the forum :D
There's a topic that was made to out all your polls in :D I think if we keep it contained, it's fine!

I agree this gets annoying ;-;
Hopscotch wasn't made for popularity, it was made for fun and fun only :D
But again we are humans and we r just doing what humans do, measuring ourselves to others, and we can't control that :slight_smile:
You made a good point! @Nerd4Ever


Not just one.... I have a actually seen a couple going around...


I just want to improve on the fourm. I can't tell if I'm active or not. I only want to improve


I was just wondering i feel like that was a little offending can you change that


I can't agree more.

Yes, it is kinda annoying, and it's kinda clogging up the forum.

And yes, even if we're all like "popularity isn't everything" us, being humans Except system just want to feel that people notice us. We want to be popular. We're human. It's what we do. Some of us can block it better than others, but we always have the voice saying "I need to be more popular"


I absolutely agree @Lightningstrike. All or most of us yearn for popularity in truth. On the forum it's much more well hidden because there are no facial expressions.


I remember when I was new to hopscotch popularity bothered me a lot. I would be told quite often that popularity doesn't matter.

Unfortunately it's quite difficult to realize that.

I personally think we can stop these if we go after these type of people at a different approach. People say 'Popularity doesn't matter. Hopscotch is for coding' quite a lot.

I feel that we need to find a way to say it in a different way.

Also, quite a lot of this is caused by people who look up to others with admiration and want to be just like them.

This is a tough problem considering we can't just remove hopscotch senpais. That would be rude.


Please, just post all your needs for knowing how famous you are on here.


Your right! I made it! Here's the link.