Please stop hacking me!


Please stop hacking me!


This is just to show Cinder. She is being hac.ked. If you didn't believe her, you should now.


That doesn't really prove anything…


Why would a hacker say it is hacking? And why would a hacker reveal itself?


I agree, wouldn't a hacker want to stay anonymous? :T


Yeah, I know, and @Cinderleaf, if you're being hacked, now someone knows your password, you should either change your password by clicking "I forgot my password" or you should create a new account.


I'd recommend emailing the Hopscotch Team, so attention isn't drawn to the problem. You can also click "I forgot my password" after login out of your account. Next time, try not to make a topic as it draws attention to the situation! :wink:


You SHARED your password


Change your password and don't tell anyone. That is, if you want to stop being hacked.


My advice is to delete project you remixed showing your password. You can unpublised them when you play it and tap the 3 dots in the upper corner(•••). Then, in your drafts, simply press on that project, tap the X, and it shall be gone forever. Make sure to also change your password.


Change your password and unpublish any projects that the hacker published.
Or you could just create a new account.


That's not me! I haven't been on in weeks!


Ok I think the person who has said they were hacking must have been hacked by someone else. Makes sense right?


Didn't you share your username and pass?


Oh my gosh guys she quit and deleted the hopscotch app she got hacked


The person who "hacked" you must have deleted the project saying they were hacking you, because it's not there anymore.


@Cinderleaf you have to see this!


Oh my god. Why are there so many accounts like this! Hopscotch is for coding, not hating!


I know right! 2020202020


Maybe delete that, they just want attention!