Please Stop Arguing Over The Election


I just want everyone to stop arguing over the election. We should talk about, it but we all have our own reasons for wanting who we want for president. People have been insulting each other, and I'm getting tired of it. I know the suspense is stressful, but it will all be over soon.


Yes guys I'm pretty sure it's over trump won


I don't think so, there are still three key states left.



I thought it ended at midnight?


Midnight's different for people in different timezones, anyways.

Trump is currently in the lead. Pennsylvania is currently up for grabs; if Trump wins Pennsylvania, it's basically all over.


I don't really know. It might be when one candidate get s so many that they have to win.


The electoral college ensures that the candidate who gets 270 electoral votes, the majority, will win.


I know, but like midnight for the eastern timezones? Like when the ball drops on New Years, it's really only the eastern people who have it it 12

That my friends, was a horrible example


only everyone celebrates the new year, but looking at this election, there's no celebrating to be done

Nope, apparently not, then. Pennsylvania, a major (eh) state, is still up for grabs.


Yeah nobody wants to celebrate this year


We're either getting a nuclear war or a slightly put-off nuclear war.


They are completely tied for Pennsylvania.


replace the, "it's all over" with "well im done" and you got me in a nutshell


Not completely


Trump is like 3,000 votes ahead. But they say they are both 48.2%.


That is literally the best way you could've put it.


Would you rather choose to die in a fire or a woodcutter

this has something to do with it shh


It's 11:30 right now though


Different timezones lol


It is 9:32 where I am!