Please Stop Arguing in the drawing topic!


Well, As you know the topic 10 has closed!
I have some things for you to know about
1- As the title said stop arguing cause that means topics get closed!
2- a leader or someone who got permission from a leader made the topics not for fighting, only for pics of drawings or talking about drawings, that's why it's called the drawing topic not the fighting topic!
So I think you should follow the rules and stay safe and no fighting or no closed topics (unless the topic has 10,000 replies)



Oh my...

Whoever is doing this really needs to stop ://


<: owl emoticon


What are you talking about? Are you talking about the people who flagged anonymous's random vids on the drawing topic?


I think sogh, ya.


No, I'm talking about the person who posted the things that were flag-worthy (apparently Anonymous.)


Yeah, and on the drawing topic 10, they posted really weird videos, and wouldn't stop after being asked to. I had to delete those posts asking them to stop cause they threatened to tell THT, their parents and stuff that they were being cyberbullied- when all I said was 'Guys, please GBOT. You will get this topic closed. If you don't wanna GBOT, then please leave this topic and be off-topic in another topic or someone's general'


Is someone willing to email THT about this?
Perhaps they can mention who is causing the commotion and they could temporarily ban them?




I hope this never happends again