Please stop accusing me of being ella


Well her siblings are really nice and cute which is good but makes me nervous around them

And her house makes me look dirt poor(which I'm not). She has a pool, tennis courts, movie theater, game room, a huge bedroom with a marble bathroom

You can't tell she's rich but she's loaded. Her house in our town is ten million dollars. She has one in cape cod which has six buildings. She has two in Florida. She has a five bedroom apartment in New York City. And two private planes. Oh and a house in Costa Rica.

They don't talk about it but they are re mega rich

And each kid already has college paid for


She never talks about it but she's beyond loaded

Her dad was the CEO of a company that sold for a lot of money and he works for a consulting company

He doesn't have to work but he got bored when he wasn't working


and don't forget her giant ski house with a backyard park with jumps and rails and stuff



Everyone in our town is loaded but she's mega loaded


wowa this seems unbelievable but--



You aren't Ella because you go to school together and you're multiple people. :slight_smile:


WOW Ella is mega loaded!!


I live in a 3 million dollar house but not 10


I would show u pics but that isn't allowed


Can I have a small loan of a million dollars

I am kidding lele


She told me she would pay for the hopscotch con



I still freak out every time I go over


uh huh turns out the forum is gonna be nice to her once they hear this



Oh don't forget that she has two hoard in cake for and two in Florida


But I don't think she will pay for it now cause tht is mean to her


Um, guys? All this stuff is really nice and all, but it really doesn't matter how rich someone is! Imagine if everyone started treating you nicely, just because you had a billion homes and stuff. And these things are actually very private, especially online. I'm sure Ella and her family wouldn't appreciate you talking about their money like this.


She doesn't really care

I mean, she doesn't like to talk about it but she won't care if I do cause we are friends

Plus, of u have a lot of money then ppl r nice to u. But no one at school except a couple of us know about her extreme wealth


Still, talking about wealth, especially online, is very rude to the family. It's kind of a thing to talk about only in between the family, not online, where millions of people can learn about someone's "extreme wealth".


What if I asked her if it was ok?


Plus, none of y'all know her irl