Please stop accusing me of being ella


I know someone already made a topic but I feel as if I need to make one too
No flame wars please

But please stop accusing me of being ella_13. It is extrmely annoying. Just cause someone writes like her and likes the same thing as her, doesn't mean they are ella.

No flame wars but just please stop


I don't think you are Ella.
I don't think people should just assume things like this.
I'm sorry
Can we be friends?


You're just going to make it worse. You don't even act like Ella. I believe you when you say you're not Ella.


This has actually happened a lot.

A new person joins the forum, and quite a few people assume they're Ella or Cash.

Even though someone says that, don't let it stop you.

And sometimes, maybe think of it as a compliment, because Ella and Cash are really cool??

Idk man :V

But I believe you if you say you're not Ella.


I'm not trying to make it worse but I'm just telling everyone once and for all that I'm not ella


Yeah I'm not ella

We can be friends tho


But why do ppl accuse all new kids of being ella or cash?
Do they have something against them?

And ella and cash r cool. I'm not offended but it gets annoying if you know what I mean

Thanks for your help!


Yay thanks! I really like how you speak your mind but you're not rude when you do it!
You're actually like Ella and Cash:- you are really nice once i got to know you


No problem. :))

I think when Friendship got suspended, a little while after Cash came, (who is Friendship), and people had something against it?? Something about it being annoying?? Cash got suspended and made a bunch of different accounts, which people didn't approve of.

Ella gas gotten suspended a few times, (she is currently), and people don't like her or something.

Yes, I understand what you're saying,,


Thank you

I'm sorry if I was mean to you
I was just fed up with being accused of being ella


I want this to stop too.

Like not everyone new is secretly cash or ella.


I do think that some of the times ella has been suspended, werent fair

Ella isn't like this irl


Yeah exactly

Then a certain person always reports us and gets our accounts on hold


I agree. :P

You know her irl? That's cool.


This forum can get...flamey



Her problem is she's really funny and her humor isn't allowed on here apparently. Kids can mad when she jokes around

She isn't mean actually irl.
She's really popular but she still says hi to kids in the hallways that aren't popular or have disabilities

She also isn't sensitive. She's very tough cause she has a huge family.


This forum just hates being off topic



She's the kinda kid that all kids like and all parents like

She is super polite
She's also super smart but doesn't show it

And she's awesome at any sport she Plays. She is a natural


That's great!! :DD

I'm sure you're happy to have her as a friend.


It's alright

I hate going to her house