Please Send Help


I was just kicked out of my account and it won’t sign in. It just takes me back to the signup screen. Help. @Liza


it’s a glitch and you need to update HS


I searched and couldn’t find anything, so don’t hit me with that crud.

Anyway, thanks for the help!


Actually, the team is aware of this bug, and said themselves that an update was on its way to the App Store that should fix it.


It’s already in the App Store. And if you can’t update atm, just hit the get started button


I hate when this happens with my apps :expressionless::expressionless:


This is a bug that THT has posted a fix to. @Liza said that App Store are going to publish it in a few days. Here is how to fix it before the update gets published:


Not talking to you, @DiamondSamuraiREAL. Anyways, thanks to @William04GamerA for helping him.


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Very true


Geez… thats a little much…


Neither do you @MyPi


That’s a little dramatic.


But I don’t kid myself by thinking I do.




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