Please reply any leaders?


Will I get my regular badge any time soon?

(I would have been on for more then 60 days it's because I had a heart attack and was in the hospital for 5 months..
I couldn't do anything.


They don't go by days they go by post read. I think you need to read 15,000 post(which isn't to hard). So when you do that and you still aren't a regular ask one more time because it might be a bug.


Here are your current stats


I'm sorry for saying this but, this is a clone topic

You made a topic the same exact way about 6 hours ago

:( really sorry for saying this as I made some people mad before


U have to be active for those days!!


You have to have some activity for 50 out of the last 100 days. :wink:


How did you have a heart attack? How old are you?

And you need to visit more