Please read this


I might not be on the forum or hopscotch much now because of
. School
. Getting bored and lonely
I hope you understand.
Remember I'll still be on but not as much as I used too. :wink:


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I understand, me too. I am busy with dance and school, and I want to have a social life, so I like to go play outdoors. I understand 100% .


I hope to see ya around though:D


Thanks so much @Intellection74! I'll try to be on when I can.
@BeautifulBelle yeah me too thanks for understanding
I'll see you both around


Noooo. Both of my CPs aren't going to be as active now? :sleepy:


I'll try to be as active as I can I promise @SmileyAlyssa.


Your so friendly, I hope I see you on hopscotch sometime! You make awesome projects!- Crazy_cake


Thanks so much! You make great projects too!


Thank you @RubyWolf1


TEARS I is crying from your left


I'm not completely leaving I just won't be on as much


@RubyWolf1 Don't worry! I left hopscotch for a bit when I was practicing for my 11+ test, and I am sure everyone will miss you as much as I do. `


Thanks @SocialSpaghetti!