Please Read! New Accounts!



So, guys, I'm gonna have to stop using ChiTea. The account is stuck in the filter and has been for weeks. I have a new account, xIceHuggy, and will be making a new forum account. Sorry, guys! I wish I could tell everyone on Hopscotch, but nobody knows about my new account yet... ಠ_ಠ Sorry guys! The new forum account will be @xIceHuggy.


No don't stay sparkczy I changed my name and everyone still knows me as PP now. You're not gonna make a new account PLEASEbecause sparkczy isn't even "ChiTea" username.


What? I have to because I can't even post on ChiTea anymore. I'll keep the forum account, I've decided. But I can't do anything for others to see or play, which is what I like to do in Hopscotch.


A www. I'll follow you on your new account when I get a chance!


You can email the hopscotch team to get it out of the filter


Delete the app, then redownload.


I did that, no response or fixes yet. And @Kiwicute2016 i already tried that with no luck.